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For energy efficient and sustainable building
Solar Energy Houses set a high standard in passive


A passive house is a particularly well wrapped building. Extra-thick heat
insulation k<0.15 contains the whole construction like a featherbed. The
heat protection boasts additional features:

Super-glazing k<0.7 allow the sun to penetrate in winter but prevent it
from escaping; it also gives a moderate protection from heat in summer.

-Luxury ventilation with heat recovery device regains 80 to 90 % of heat in
used air simultaneously providing fresh air in the entire house. Important
for allergy sufferers: we fit pollen filters.
What is so special about passive houses is the fact that the high-quality
casing of the building combined with house technology reduce the demand
for heat to such a degree that the free energy contribution from

irradiation of solar energy

body warmth of persons in the household
heat release of devices

will be sufficient to keep the building at a pleasant temperature. This heat is
generated "passively" and free of cost in the house. In addition to the luxury
ventilation a heat pump with sub-soil heat accumulators will be installed so
that even the coldest winter will not make you suffer from cold feet. A sense
of perfect well-being is achieved if all surfaces in the environment - including
outside walls - are of equal temperature. These warm surfaces will be
achieved automatically and "passively" if the building is well insulated. From
an economic point of view the passive house is particularly interesting as it
relies entirely on the improvement of building materials and technologies that
are necessary in a house at any time: Better windows, thicker insulation,
more efficient ventilation. The initial greater investment will pay for itself in the
long run:

long-term lower heating costs, annual heating energy
consumption <15 kWh/m

better building quality equals higher value of house
contribution to the preservation of our natural environment