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Cuddly Roofs

From an ecological and structural engineering point of view living roofs have
proved perfect for the enhancement of the quality of your building. A listing of
advantages would simply be unnecessary if you could watch children touch
such a roof for the first time. Despite this let's have a look at

Sedum and grasses - a robust and
environmentally friendly fur for your roof
The ecological advantages:
Improvement of microclimate through water retention properties of the
substrate resulting in water evaporation at rising temperatures.
Relief of draining ditches through considerable reduction of discharge

Air pollution is filtered, oxygen produced.
Acidic soil site (nowadays very rare in nature) and therefore well-suited
as a site for micro-organisms resulting in a reduction of insects in the
house (research Prof. Munke, Kassel)
The advantages for structural engineering: e-form
Improved resistance through higher substance and absorption.
Additional heat insulation for building and convection-proof casing of
building.Climate-regulating effect in building: the roof has a cooling effect
in summer and
enhances heat insulation in winter.