ecological project development and co-ordination

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There are several current projects running in respect to our solar energy
building that are still open to participation for you/your family as a building partner:

For any information on the projects please
use our e-form or just contact us by phone.

Project 1

For this plot situated in extraordinarily
beautiful parkland we have plans for 5
residential buildings for you.

Project 3

On this beautiful traditional nursery-plot
at the foot of the Achalm we are planning
three residential buildings for you and two
mixed residential/ commercial projects.

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Project 2

A plot with a beautiful view of the town,
close to the centre but situated at the
foot of Mt. Georg. Our plans for you are
for four residential buildings.

Project 4

High obove town with amagnificent
clear view but within reach of the town´s amenities. Our plans for you are for
three residential buildings.

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