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Building Modules, Ecological Hi-tec buildingss

Price-efficient industrial production - but never-the-less individual

If a ratio of more than the usual 45 % of prefabrication has to be achieved the
building needs to be manufactured in building modules reaching the limits of
transportability. The measurements reach a width of up to 6.50 m, a length of
up to 15 m and a height of up to 3,70. All this adds up to approx. 80 mē of
living area in one piece! The modules come with floor and wall coverings,
windows, doors, built-in bathrooms, heating and electrical installations almost
fully fitted before transport to site. The "building site" has in actual fact moved
to the factory hall! On site all that remains to do is the finishing off of
installations, the closing of joints, the fitting of stairs and solar panels. After
this planting on the roof will take place and outdoor installations will be

This way ecological building becomes affordable for everyone.

Solar energy buildings in the French quarter of Tübingen!