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Hi-tec buildings

The knowledge of economical interrelations permits a realistic approach to the general economic setting

Building Modules

It is common practice for builders to go to plots of land for building and to
erect houses - at a very high cost. But how to decrease costs without
dropping to the lowest level imaginable for building materials? Our method:
Intelligent production! This includes anything from prefabrication, wood
panel building, prefabricated brickwork walls, concrete walls and prefabricated
units to the use of robots on site. We can only achieve an improvement in
quality with a simultaneous reduction in costs if we use industrial production
methods. Building no longer takes place on site but in the factory. In
practice this means: Buildings are developed step by step in transportable
building modules and are then taken to building plots by train, truck or
boat. These modules have a perfect finish apart from joints, connections
and staircases, basins are plumbed in, wallpapers are painted. And what
about the advantages -
also for you, the client?


+ Better logistics
+ more possibilities for rationalisation measures
+ better working conditions
+ increased productivity

= better / cost-efficient buildings